The Block In Course

It's time to push the accuracy of your portraits to the next level. The BIC will teach you the key techniques and principles you need to know to succeed in portrait drawing. 


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understand the anatomy

identify light and shadow

find relevant landmarks

Why the Block In Course might be for you...

Are you looking to improve your drawing skills and learn how to create more accurate and confident portrait drawings?

The block in is said to be the most important stage of a drawing. In this course, you'll learn how to use the block in stage to create accurate and lifelike portrait drawings, with a focus on values, structure, and technique.

Through a series of easy-to-follow lessons and exercises, you'll learn how to measure the proportions your subject, how to block in the basic shapes and values, and how to refine your drawing to bring out the true impression of your subject.

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your drawing skills or an experienced artist looking to take your portrait drawing to the next level, The Block In Course has something for you. Sign up now and start learning the powerful techniques of the block in method today!

Block In Better Now $250

Course Structure


  • Base Course: 3 Styles, 6 Portrait-Studies
  • New Style: MASS DRAWING coming soon! (2¬†additional Portrait-Studies)¬†¬†
  • structured in handy parts¬†as a step by step guide
  • packed with animations and visual graphics for the best learning experience
  • designed as a "draw-along with the teacher" course

The Visual Style

The dichotomy of shadow and light defines the visual approach.

These shapes then become powerful tools of comparison as we continue to refine the accuracy of the block in through further measurements and triangulation.

The Structural Style

Structure is about form. This style of block in is designed to help us transcend the 2 dimensional plane of the paper we are drawing on- from the very beginning.

This style will teach you how to carve out a simplified linear wireframe that represents the basic proportions of the model.

The Hybrid Style

The quick integration of a value together with the big structural forms is a hallmark of this hybrid style of block in.

Having established this you now have two different criteria you can use to assess your drawing for accuracy. The physical structure of the model and the naive comparison of the light shape in relation to your model.

Mass Drawing

This style of drawing comes close to the process of painting with a brush. However our tool here will be a stick of charcoal. 

In this part of the Block In Course, we will explore all the possibilities and perks this method has to offer. 

So what are you actually waiting for?

Let's be real for a minute- of course you want to get better at blocking in your portraits.

You have heard over and over from teachers that your drawing won't get any better than the block in allows.

This course is my answer to that need- it will give you the concepts you need in a format that guarantees that you also get the PRACTICE you need to get better.

Block In Better Now $250