The Block In Course

It's time to push the accuracy of your portraits to the next level. The BIC will teach you the key techniques and principles you need to know to succeed in portrait drawing. 

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Studying with Sargent

Lady Agnew is perhaps Sargent's most captivating portrait. It launched his career as a successful portrait painter and we are going to extract as many insights as possible during the master study series.

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Drawing Essentials

A beginners guide to drawing! There are many concepts and terms students need to learn to attain a deeper understanding of design. This 3 part series focuses on exactly what a beginning drawing student needs.

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The Color Course 

Knowing the theory of color is essential for painters. But just as important is putting it into practice. In this course we will do both, making you proficient in mixing and painting with oil paints.

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Alla Prima Painting

How to make an oil painting in a single session? This method is all about momentum and efficiency. We won't work in layers or be waiting letting paint dry! Straight to the point, we will paint a portrait, fast! 

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What people are saying

Kamlika Chandla

"Your pedagogical approach is much appreciated. The bite sized approach with such incredible explanations are perfect." 

Ian O'Rourke

"Thank you so much for your in depth explanations and diagrams,  they are so helpful and enlightening. Really appreciate it!"

Shelah Horvitz

"Brilliant. Your explanation of *why* you create what tones where and when makes all the difference. You really can't do it right until you understand why."