Introducing The Head Study app

The ultimate app for artists and art students looking to improve their portraiture skills.


Dan Thompson

"This app enables students of portraiture by providing them with an illuminating tool for surface forms and reference points - I recommend it as an effective device for the painter and draftsperson alike."

Select Your Model

By understanding the underlying structure and mechanics of the head, you will be able to create more realistic and dynamic portraits with greater depth and detail.

Choose from:

  1.  Planes of the head
  2.  Realistic skull
  3.  Ecorche
  4. Block-In Planes of the Head

Adjust the Light

Adjusting the lighting on these models will help you create a more realistic representation of your subject by providing a clear visual understanding of the three-dimensional form and texture of the head. By manipulating the position, intensity, and color of light sources, artists can effectively simulate the interplay between light and shadow, which is crucial for capturing depth, volume, and expression in a portrait.

You can control the:

  1.  Intensity of the light(s)
  2. choose between 1 or 2 light sources
  3.  The color of the light(s)
  4. The location of the light(s) in 360 degrees

Adjust the Background

The background in a portrait holds significant academic value as it plays a crucial role in the composition. By adjusting the background color and value, artists can create a contrast between the subject and the surrounding space, highlighting the form and light effect.

You can control the:

  1. Value of the background
  2.  Color of the background
  3. Chroma of the background

Adjust the Base Color

By modifying the color, you can simulate a range of skin tones and lighting conditions, making for a more realistic and nuanced representation of the subject. This process allows the artist to better understand the interplay between light and shadow, and how it affects the appearance of the head. Additionally, by experimenting with different base colors, an artist can develop a deeper understanding of color theory and how it relates to the overall composition, leading to a more sophisticated and refined artwork.

You can control the:

  1.  Value of the model
  2.  Color of the model
  3.  Chroma of the base color of the model

Thomas Fluharty

"Wow!!!!!  I want this. This app is amazing… What do you need from me? What are you looking for? I looked at it all & it’s incredible. The muscle head and the skull, the lighting is fantastic. Oh my gosh that’s insane."

SBA Models

Écorché Head, Male

Écorché is a French word that we use to describe an anatomical model of a subject without its skin. Flayed, so to speak.

Planes of the Head

This model was conceived to help artists observe and understand how light will affect the form and structure of the head.

Male Skull

A good portrait starts with an understanding of the underlying structure of the skull. This version is used in all of my anatomy lessons. 

Planes of the Head for Blocking In

This super simplified model of the head corresponds to the features of the head most relevant to the 1st stage of a portrait.

Mathieu Nozieres

"Stephen offers us a great facial synthesis, bringing a new reference model in the game (until now we were mostly using the Asaro head). The fact that we can switch between the planes, skull and muscles is also a great way to quickly remember/check some things we might have forgotten. In short, I have used few apps like this before and this one is clearly the best (+ it was made by a tier 1 artist, which is really cool)."

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