Stephen Bauman Artwork, on Patreon

PATREON is a platform that allows the people want to learn about my techniques gain access to my work directly.

Why should you become a patron?
The videos that I make available through this page are both for art appreciators and for aspiring artists as well. Each video shows the stages that my portraits go through on their way to becoming a finished artwork.

  • You will be able to watch me work with graphite pencils, white chalk, and sometimes oil paint on various kinds of paper and linen.

  • During these videos I will work on portraits from a variety of viewpoints: profile, full front, three-quarter, reconstructing both the anatomy and the psychology of the model.

  • Portrait anatomy and structure will be studied from various points of view, with particular attention paid to the anatomical construction of its parts: the skull, ear, eye, nose and mouth.

For an overview of how Patreon works in general, they’ve got a great primer HERE to explain how it works.

How often do patrons get charged?
Once per month. So whether I upload two videos per month (it will usually be two) or ten (it will never be ten) you get charged the same amount. For example, if you sign up at the $5 level, no matter how much I post, you will only ever be charged $5 per month.