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In this Rembrandt Master Copy Course we will learn:

  • The magic of painting in multiple layers
  • How to mix color indirectly, to achieve brilliant effects
  • A specific, step by step process that achieves consistently great results
  • The benefits of working with a grisaille underpainting
  • All about glazing and scumbling, what they are and how to use them
  • When to follow traditional methods, and when to ditch them for better or more archival results
  • All about mediums, when to use them, how much and why
  • Seriously in depth art materials overview
  • Painting best practices to make our paintings stand the test of time
  • Using impasto in a way that makes sense and how to get more body in our paint
  • The “Big Light Effect”, one of the real “secrets” to Rembrandt’s work
  • Some pointers on keeping our mental game strong throughout the process


Buy Now $99

Download materials list here:

Materials PDF

What you will get

  • Lifetime access
  • Smooth streaming video on every screen - up to 4k 
  • A multi-part introduction section with everything you need to know about materials 
  • Super hi-resolution image of the Rembrandt we'll be working from
  • 5 easy to follow sections, each including a lecture and a pre-recorded demo with voiceover (Over 5.5 hours)
  • Bonus: Access to "real-time" video of the entire painting, edited down to remove empty pauses.

Personalized feedback and instruction available


I'm here to help you achieve your goals (Limited to 8 students)

  • Premium add-on to the self-guided course
  • Includes 5 live one-on-one Zoom critiques. One for each course section
  • Full standard self-guided course included


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