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In this Rembrandt Master Copy Course we will learn:

  • The magic of painting in multiple layers
  • How to mix color indirectly, to achieve brilliant effects
  • A specific, step by step process that achieves consistently great results
  • The benefits of working with a grisaille underpainting
  • All about glazing and scumbling, what they are and how to use them
  • When to follow traditional methods, and when to ditch them for better or more archival results
  • All about mediums, when to use them, how much and why
  • Seriously in depth art materials overview
  • Painting best practices to make our paintings stand the test of time
  • Using impasto in a way that makes sense and how to get more body in our paint
  • The “Big Light Effect”, one of the real “secrets” to Rembrandt’s work
  • Some pointers on keeping our mental game strong throughout the process   
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Christopher Stephen Jones


"Ben's class was a deep dive into the materials and processes of painting. Ben taught us how to achieve the look of a Rembrandt, as well as how today's modern materials behave for any type of painting. Even if you don't want to paint like Rembrandt, Ben's class will take the mystery out of using glazes, impasto, mediums and solvents, and choosing the right suppliers, for achieving archival results in your own paintings."

Jo Richards


"Demystifying Rembrandts technical process this course gave us a unique opportunity to navigate our way through the complex world of 17th Century paint techniques. A combination of Ben's easy going manner and almost conservators knowledge of materials and best practices we were taken step-by-step and given the skills and knowledge to work with multiple opaque and transparent layers. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!"

Mat Leach


"Possibly one of the best and enriching courses I have ever taken. Demystifies the master's techniques in a down to earth and approachable manner but also in a way that makes you appreciate the artist so much more. Ben is an incredible teacher and mentor. Couldn't recommend highly enough."

Download materials list here:

Materials PDF

What you will get

  • Lifetime access
  • Smooth streaming video on every screen - up to 4k 
  • A multi-part introduction section with everything you need to know about materials 
  • Super hi-resolution image of the Rembrandt we'll be working from
  • 5 easy to follow sections, each including a lecture and a pre-recorded demo with voiceover (Over 5.5 hours)
  • Bonus: Access to "real-time" video of the entire painting, edited down to remove empty pauses.

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